Ani asoyan

Ani Asoyan

Hello! I’m Ani

Artist from always

I was born in 1996 in Armenia, daughter of the artist Asoyan Jivan from always I have been drawing. My dad teached me since I was a kid and from my first paiting was love at the first sight with art.

 I always love to travel and during all my trip I can’t miss to take with me all tools necessary for drawing. All paintings that you are seeing are oil on canvas.

My paintings are now in many houses all around the world and you can watch them in some galleries especially in Armenia, Russia and Italy.


Centro Studi D’Arte Lorenzo Pacini (Via Santa Croce 101, Lucca)

All my paintings are all year available to be watch inCentro Studi D’Arte by the famous and internation critc Lorenzo Pacini, via santa croce 101, Lucca (lu) Italy.

Here we have one of my favourite paiting “the magic forest 2020”

Ani Asoyan
Ani Asoyan

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